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  • This blog post is to introduce the first four ontologies of SPAR, the Semantic Publishing and Referencing Ontologies, an integrated ecosystem of generic ontologies shown diagrammatically in the ‘flower’ diagram below (Figure 1). The ontologies can be used either individually or in conjunction, as need dictates. Each is encoded in the Web ontology language OWL 2.0. Together, they provide the ability to describe far more than simply bibliographic entities such as books and journal articles, by enabling RDF metadata to be created to relate these entities to reference citations, to bibliographic records, to the component parts of documents, and to various aspects of the scholarly publication process.

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  • Knoodl is a Distributed Information Management System (DIMS)™, the first of its kind. It revolutionizes the way that large enterprises manage distributed data for analytic purposes. Combining semantic technologies with traditional information management technology, Knoodl leverages your existing web infrastructure for the purpose of managing all corporate data to deliver dramatic new analytic capabilities.

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  • The namespace info:eu-repo is registered at
    This name space is an authoritive placeholder for semantic terms, controlled vocabularies and identifiers.
    By using this namespace all the terms used have a "web presence". Therefore it is no longer an arbitrary string, but contains meaning. This utilisation makes it future-proof.

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