Download details: Windows SharePoint Services Document: Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 – Under the Hood

Posted: 29 Jun 2009 05:45 AM PDT

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is a technology of Windows Server that offers an integrated portfolio of collaboration and communication services. It is also a platform for developing Web-based business applications. Taking advantage of this capability, Microsoft has developed forty Application Templates to provide out-of-the-box solutions to address the needs of common business processes, such as coordinating a Help Desk or tracking marketing campaigns. This white paper describes how Microsoft developed the Application Templates, identifying best practices for how to work with core capabilities within both Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Designer 2007, with the goal of empowering customers and partners to create their own applications.

Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Posted: 29 Jun 2009 05:44 AM PDT

Application templates are out-of-the-box custom scenarios tailored to address the needs and requirements of specific business processes or sets of tasks in organizations of any size. They also provide a starting point for partners and developers looking to build deeper SharePoint-based solutions. The templates make use of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 capabilities and are compatible with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to help make customization easier.

Download details: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Template: GroupBoard Workspace 2007

Posted: 29 Jun 2009 05:42 AM PDT

The Microsoft GroupBoard Workspace template creates a space for a group or team to connect and share information in a collaborative environment, improving team efficiency and productivity. The template helps track team member whereabouts and status, and includes a built-in timecard list and organization chart. Meetings can be scheduled with attendees, and meeting rooms and other resources can be reserved. It also enables members to share phone messages and circulate memos.

Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites - SharePoint Server - Microsoft Office Online

Posted: 29 Jun 2009 05:41 AM PDT

What are Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites? Every job role is unique and demanding. As people work to drive business outcomes, they have to balance the complexities of interacting with multiple systems, tracking goals, and relating to surrounding processes. IT organizations have been seeking role-based solutions that can provide information workers with common interfaces to access priority information. Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites are custom templates, designed for Office SharePoint Server 2007 and the My Site functionality, and tailored to address the unique needs and requirements of specific roles within an organization.