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Posted: 02 Dec 2010 04:12 PM PST

CAPDM has produced and managed programmes of learning for clients based in the UK, Europe and USA. We have created more than 120 sets of course materials; batch typesetting and web-publishing them in English, Spanish, Flemish, Chinese and Arabic. We have also developed the translation and content management systems that keep all those versions synchronised. These courses generate in excess of £10m per annum for our customers, one of whom as a result has achieved two UK Queen's Awards for Export.

You will find us helpful and supportive right from the start, even before you have decided exactly where you want to go! Whatever your level of expertise, we can help to 'get you on the road and travelling in the right direction'. Why not start by registering to get access to our briefing papers and resources, and give us a call when you are ready to talk.

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 04:09 PM PST

QuickLessons LLC is a leading provider of rapid eLearning development solutions. Our state of the art platform provides an online collaborative environment for users to develop high quality Flash based courses leveraging our extensive library of templates and our out of the box development processes. With extensive background in advanced instructional design, QuickLessons was built by content developers for content developers!

Record, Broadcast and Share Your Presentations In No Time At All | Presentations 2Go Rich Media Webcasting Solutions

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 04:07 PM PST

Record, Broadcast and Share your Presentations in no time at all!


Now there is a great way to showcase your talents: as a Director, recording presentations,meetings and lectures, or as a Presenter, where your video image is automatically linkedto the presentation, broadcast live and saved online for sharing.

From personal recordings to automated campuswide weblectures, lecture capture and smartroom integration,

Presentations 2Go allows you to record knowledge and information easily.

Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Environments: First Results from TALIS

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 03:43 PM PST

Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Environments: First Results from TALIS
OECD's Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) provides the first internationally comparative perspective on the conditions of teaching and learning, based on data from over 70,000 teachers and school principals who represent lower secondary teachers in the 23 participating countries. TALIS examines important aspects of professional development; teacher beliefs, attitudes and practices; teacher appraisal and feedback; and school leadership. TALIS looks at these factors through the eyes of teachers and school principals. This innovative approach was chosen in order to examine how the intended school and teacher policies of education systems are actually perceived and implemented in schools and classrooms, recognising that the best intentions will only yield results if effectively and consistently implemented in the frontline.


Posted: 02 Dec 2010 04:28 AM PST

Interactive voting trough SMS, Twitter

Flashcards by StudyStack

Posted: 02 Dec 2010 03:35 AM PST

Flashcards can be a very effective tool for studying for a test. Whenever you have lots of facts that you need to memorize, flashcards can be very helpful. The ease in which you can study a few cards at a time, helps you to be able to study in smaller blocks of time instead of trying to cram for many hours the night before a test. Using flashcards repeatedly over a few days will also help your long term memorization of facts.


Posted: 02 Dec 2010 03:33 AM PST

StudyME is an application to display flashcards on Java enabled cell phones.  If your phone supports J2ME and your carrier allows you to download applications, you should be able to run this application on your phone