All items 06/16/2011

  • In science and math classes across the country, digital tools are being used to conduct experiments, analyze data, and run 3-D simulations to explain complex concepts. Language arts teachers are now pushing the definition of literacy to include the ability to express ideas through media. This report, Multimedia Transformation, examines the many ways multimedia tools are transforming teaching and learning as schools work to raise achievement and prepare students for careers that require increasingly sophisticated uses of technology.

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  • Live Chat: Transforming Curricula Through Multimedia Tools. As technology becomes more ubiquitous in every classroom, teachers are no longer asking why they should use the tools, but how the tools should be used properly. Incorporating multimedia—such as images, video, and audio—into lessons can help engage students in the learning process and prepare them for a 21st-century, multimedia work environment, experts say. However, being able to determine which tools further learning and which tools are a distraction takes a deep understanding of how and when to use technology in the classroom.

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