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  • Global Conflicts “Global Conflicts” is an award-winning educational game series used for teaching citizenship, geography, and media courses. The series allows students to explore and learn about different conflicts throughout the world and the underlying themes of democracy, human rights, globalization, terrorism, climate and poverty. The game series is easy to use for teachers and is developed with close attention to curriculum requirements and ease of use in classroom teaching. Let your students experience what the

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  • erious Games Interactive is an award-winning, research-based developer of games, simulations and virtual worlds. We offer a unique blend of competences within games, learning and storytelling. Our focus is to use technology and game mechanics to bring ideas to life and deliver engaging learning experiences. We work with corporations, state agencies, NGOs and other organizations to meet our clients' specific needs and create r

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  • Curatr motivates your learners to truly engage Curatr enables organisations to transform their existing learning content into a social-game, increasing engagement and harnessing the power of collective intelligence to deliver exceptional learning outcomes.

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