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  • At the beginning of this year, Waag Society organized the first 'Apps contest' in The Netherlands, called 'Apps for Amsterdam'. The purpose of this contest was to stimulate the use of local data from the City of Amsterdam (one of t partners in the project) through newly developed Apps (mobile or web-based), following the concept of innovativ contests like 'Apps for Democracy'.

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  • Users as Designers is the main design philosophy of Waag Society. It states that real users should be the ones to define design requirements. When the user and designer work together according to this design philosophy, they both take on multiple roles throughout the design process. In this publication, Waag Society focuses on a hands-on description of its methods. Hereby, we hope to spread the use of Users as Designers; improve our own understanding by sharing and learning from the responses, and eventually sowing and growing seeds of change that we hope will flourish. Less

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  • Early education is critical in shaping a child’s learning skills and attitudes. That’s why it always requires extra care and attention. Today, it is additionally expected to meet the needs of the digital native generation.

  • t Fablab is bedoeld voor iedereen die iets wil maken met behulp van elektronisch apparatuur die normaal niet tot de beschikking staat van het algemene publiek. Iedereen mag binnenlopen in het FabLab in Catalyst en gebruik maken van de apparaten (wie het eerst komt, wie het eerst maalt). Brainport Development onderzo momenteel een opzet waarbij bedrijven en particulieren machinetijd kunnen inhure Ze hebben gedurende die tijd de volledige beschikking over computergestuurde machines. Het lab wordt ingericht in een ruimte van ruim vijftig vierkante meter. Er zullen maximaal vijftien personen tegelijk in het lab aanwezig kunnen zijn.

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  • Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating environments.

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