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  • EQUELLA is a digital repository that provides one system to house your teaching and learning, research, media and library content. EQUELLA has been deployed for copyright resource collections, research materials, managing and exposing materials through web sites and portals, content authoring, workflow, institutional policy and document management. EQUELLA is currently in use in a wide range of schools, districts, universities, community colleges, state systems and departments of education, government agencies, and corporations worldwide.

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  • "The overall aim of the SECURE project is to make a significant contribution to a European knowledge-based society by providing relevant research data that can serve as the basis for a public debate among policy makers and other stakeholders on how MST curricula and their delivery can be improved in order to encourage and prepare children from an early age on for future careers in Math, Science and Technology (MST), whilst at the same time making MST more accessible and enjoyable for all children so that they will keep a vivid interest in science and technology, and understand the importance of their societal role, throughout their adult lives"

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