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  • The Web 2.0ERC European Union funded project is designed to help educators who find ICT confusing to have a simple and secure environment to use ICT in their work and in their classes.

    The project project has built a simple web platform that includes the most popular tools (Wikis, Blogs, communications, Social Networking etc.) with clear guides on:

    How to use the tools
    How they can be used in education
    The platform is currently undergoing final piloting and adjustments, and will be available soon.

    The project has also looked at other Web 2.0 tools that can be used to create content, share the content and communicate. Members of the Web2.0ERC Community of Practice have contributed to the repository of tools.

    All the work of the project has been piloted with the target groups of the project and the resources produced adapted based on the piloting.

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  • Which countries are models for computer-science education?
    As England seeks to improve computer-science instruction, countries such as Scotland, South Korea and Israel are considered pioneers in teaching the subject. In Scotland, the use of technology is widespread, and in some secondary schools computing is taught across the curriculum. In South Korea, students as young as 12 are taught basic computing concepts, such as simple algorithms and programming. The Guardian (London)

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